Learning:  One Technologies doesn't leave when your site is approved and active.  Our Simple, Professional and Elite packages include on-site training for your web manager or staff.  The training team has 24 years in public education and 31 years developing and leading technology training.  Each training is individualized and built around your site needs.

Support:  After training is completed, we provide you with ten ways to connect to our support team to help you practice skills, learn new tasks, troubleshoot a problem, or update a web page.  We guarantee you quality support, providing you 10 ways to connect:
  1. eMail:
  2. Toll Free Phone: 800-998-3070
  3. Fax: 267-565-4230
  4. Chat: AIM - mamboschools; Yahoo - onetechn; gMail and Facebook Chat available by request.
  5. Online Video Training via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook wall.
  6. Screen Sharing: VNC, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop
  7. Manuals.
  8. Professional Development: On-Site or Go-To-Meeting® Training
  9. Web Form:   Contact Us Web Form
  10. US Mail
One Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 144
Monticello, IN 47960

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